Tool Show Entertainment Inc.is a Television and Internet Media Production Company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada dedicated to making the world a better place thru comedic education! Officially formed as a Corporation in early 2017, but producing quality programming for Internet and Television for over half a decade.



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A man with a dream and goals!

Who the heck?


I'm just a city boy. Born and raised a little north of Detroit... I took a '92 Toyota, going anywhere...


Unlike some TV tool "Experts" I've actually earned the title of Master Skilled Tradesman at barely 26 years old. Now with 4 Canadian Electrical Codes (2009, 2012, 2015, 2018) under that title! Well over 30 Thousand Trade Hours on top of an average of 1000 volunteer hours a year adds up fast! A Certified Mentor, regular Giver, frequent Donator, and all around cool Dude! That being said I don't know everything and every day is an opportunity to learn something new! Over half my life with tools in my hands and an unmatched positive attitude makes me a very DANgerous man...


Changing construction / The world is the dream!