For so many years people laughed at my dreams and most of the time it wasn't for the reasons I was hoping. 6 years ago I applied for a community access program with Shaw TV Calgary. The next day I received a reply warning me it could be months before a response but to my amazement it only took days! The incredible producer, Jim, helping me is one of the best mentors I could ever imagine and Stacy, our editor, has not only exceptional skills but the patience of a of a busy Doctor! That was sort of a joke but mostly true... If you want the best TV or Internet from the best people ever Shaw is where it's at! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for always believing in me!

Our first official sponsor ever!!! 
DRIVING FORCE are some of the best folks on earth and they truly believe in helping people! Not taking advantage of them... The staff at local offices are so friendly and really care about providing exactly what you need for your situations. Cars, Trucks, Vans, Fleet, Specialty, etc. You name it, they can do it... If you're looking for something more than a typical dealership then DRIVING FORCE is what you need! 


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